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After trainings ((30th Jan 2017))
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Post After trainings ((30th Jan 2017)) 
After teaching the two training classes Lucian takes his usual trip to the well house. This time it is notable that Lucian takes a large package of oreos with him.

That evening, many hours later... He leaves with the package all empty of cookies.

A man who appears to have very strong traits of pure breed of the Shadow Lords, if someone like the tribal Incarna got his colors wrong. (Pure Breed 5)

A beyond human good looking man with iridescent draconic eyes that seem to shift from gold through red and blue into silver depending on the lighting. He has unusually sharp teeth. His long and well cared for silken hair holds the same coloring of his eyes.

Remarkably graceful and well balanced, clearly supernaturally so.
Most often well dressed in the highest craftsmanship of fine clothes and usually unarmed.
If one were to see him shirtless they might find vestigial scales not suited to defend anything of the same iridescent colors but starting in silver.
His only obvious "scars" are twelve light though distinct markings:
1.) A not quite human shaped bite mark that left behind marks with pronounced canines on his left Levator Scapulae.
2.) A glyph-like marking, as if made by almost human nails on his left side on the majority of his rib-cage as if resting on his hip.
3.) What might very well be a Bindrune on his right inner forearm. 4.) Above that mark their seems to be a Lønnrun in a thin, blood-colored line where it encircles his arm. 5.) Which is in turn below another Lønnrun of the standard skin scarring color. 6.) That is of course followed with one more above it Lønnrun.
7.) With another Bindrune on his left. 8.) Above which is another Lønnrun of a similar styling. 9.) Similarly followed by a Lønnrun. 10.) With another Lønnrun completing the set.

11.) A Valknut on the front of his left thigh.
12.) A vine pattern on the back of his right thigh.

There is a something about him that has a raw primal appeal to women.
((Appearance 5, +Animal Magnetism, +Sexy, +Seductive, -Surreal Quality))
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