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Situating gear and planning for each pack. ((Tag all?))
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Post Re: Situating gear and planning for each pack. ((Tag all?)) 
It is to his pack's great fortune that an alpha experienced in the process was present. There are several long seconds (for him anyway) in which the urge to bluster in the direction of competency nearly wins out, but a measured sigh and act of discipline bring him back to task. Instead of attempting to hide his ignorance he decides to spend that time actually watching and learning, taking careful note of the smaller details in each ritualized word and action. Where Lucian uses a claw, Brennus manifests a short blade bevelled along its inward curve to serve the same purpose. After cutting off his own section, enough to be knotted securely around one wrist, he holds out the rest for the others to sort themselves out in order.

When it comes time to work the bands Brennus waits to see how Lucian goes about shaping them for each member of his pack and follows suit, using his hands to bend the material into whatever shape is most suited to the packmember. ((Unless instructed not to do so for a reason Marcus isn't thinking of.)) Strangely enough, he remains quiet through the exchanges - the ritualized nature giving him something that could be easily mistaken as peace.

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