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Post 4/10/2017 
A bag of gold coins. Real, old world, long ago minted gold coins are hung to a sign.
Someone go check on Dwayne, the spider spirit who gives us The Howler. We haven't heard from him in like two years. I want to know why. Coins to the first to take the job.
If you take them you do the job and let myself, Zack, and The Speaking Wall know what is up so everyone has access to what's up.

PS: Those coins? Don't decide not to do the job without returning them to this sign. Consequences for thieves will be unfortunate and spiritually creative.

A man who appears to have very strong traits of pure breed of the Shadow Lords, if someone like the tribal Incarna got his colors wrong. (Pure Breed 5)

A beyond human good looking man with iridescent draconic eyes that seem to shift from gold through red and blue into silver depending on the lighting. He has unusually sharp teeth. His long and well cared for silken hair holds the same coloring of his eyes.

Remarkably graceful and well balanced, clearly supernaturally so.
Most often well dressed in the highest craftsmanship of fine clothes and usually unarmed.
If one were to see him shirtless they might find vestigial scales not suited to defend anything of the same iridescent colors but starting in silver.
His only obvious "scars" are twelve light though distinct markings:
1.) A not quite human shaped bite mark that left behind marks with pronounced canines on his left Levator Scapulae.
2.) A glyph-like marking, as if made by almost human nails on his left side on the majority of his rib-cage as if resting on his hip.
3.) What might very well be a Bindrune on his right inner forearm. 4.) Above that mark their seems to be a Lønnrun in a thin, blood-colored line where it encircles his arm. 5.) Which is in turn below another Lønnrun of the standard skin scarring color. 6.) That is of course followed with one more above it Lønnrun.
7.) With another Bindrune on his left. 8.) Above which is another Lønnrun of a similar styling. 9.) Similarly followed by a Lønnrun. 10.) With another Lønnrun completing the set.

11.) A Valknut on the front of his left thigh.
12.) A vine pattern on the back of his right thigh.

There is a something about him that has a raw primal appeal to women.
((Appearance 5, +Animal Magnetism, +Sexy, +Seductive, -Surreal Quality))
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Post Re: 4/10/2017 
Brennus meanders his way past the signpost, as has been his custom. Seeing a bag of gold, his eyes narrow and he smells the air for unfamiliar scents. Shrugging, he takes it and reads the note. A wide smile splits across his face and chuckles.

"The itsy bitsy spider, went up the water spout...." words fade away into humming and off he goes on his newest job.

At just over six feet in height, Brennus is a man of compact build with musculature that looks carved from stone - representative of incredible self-discipline and dedication were he not a Garou - and a mien that is unmistakably familiar with violence. Though otherwise mutable some aspects to his garb remain consistent; namely a raven feather and small silvery bells braided into dark auburn hair, a rough hewn signet ring, and a necklace with six runic amulets. Usually seen with his raven and/or feline companion(s), a thoughtful gaze, carrying his ashandarei (in either it’s spear or shortened sword form) and Evening Frost. On occasion he will disguise himself as an old man, hiding much of his more overtly supernatural traits and some of the markings that speak to his parentage.

Fianna, Adren, Homid
Appearance: 5 (Roguish)
5G, 9H, 6W
Pure Breed: 5
Spirit Heritage: 5 (The Morrigan)

Physically Impressive - +1 to Intimidation
Scarred (Ogham Rune Tattoos) - -2 to Intimidation, only applies when visible
Sovereign Legacy - The blood of a known god runs through your veins and all of creation can feel it in theirs. Having the strength of your divine (or infernal) legacy behind you gives interactions with you a certain twist, based on ST discretion. Your difficulties on all Social rolls are -2 and your presence grants +1 to any group endeavors. ((Supporter Merit with different flavor text and additional cost))

Scenes dated before 5/15/19 were done with a different physical appearance and capacity.

There are moments when one has to choose between living one’s own life, fully, entirely, completely-or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. - Lugh, probably
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