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Attached to The Ongoing Threat Matrix ((Jan 2017))
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Post Attached to The Ongoing Threat Matrix ((Jan 2017)) 
Lucian tacks a note up to the threat matrix:

I know I set a whole second sign board for sept stuff so it need not be with my own "bounty board" but something I seek may best be found here.

I have one Lunar month to resolve issues in a manner more used to my nature than the path I walk for my education with the Sun. It is intentionally being done to see what I have learned and how I feel about the paths and potentials before me. At the end of the month I am to discuss with my Searing Patron what I have learned and how I feel about who I am, where I am going, and how I have previously been.

During this time there are things I can solve more fully and rapidly. Find me some problems and throw me a few. Please use your influence. Look for anything you feared was above your paygrade. Also as a still loyal and combat capable ally to the sept we can try the hives nearby if we learned anything about the second and still have the first underfoot.

I am seeking a particular kind of villainous individuals. I need them for some things that will get them not only out of our hair but out of being evil bastards. The less you ask the better youyr plausible deniability under authorities greater than this sept in your nation.

Thank you,
Lucian "Shadow of The Sun"
(There is what resembles a magical moon counter under his name. Showing how many days remaining he has to use the methods he knows less smiled upon by the Sun.)


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Post Re: Attached to The Ongoing Threat Matrix ((Jan 2017)) 
Yiya-teh catches the new notice as she meander's by. She reads it, chuckles darkly, and wanders off with her mind pondering possibilities.

Yiya-teh "Sees Her Foes"
Lupus. Uktena. Theurge. Elder.
Dex 5, Sta 5, Str 5 ~ App 5, Cha 5, Man 5 ~ Int 5, Perc 5, Wits 5

It is my nature to be kind, gentle, and loving. But know this when it comes to matters of protecting my friends,
my family, and my heart: Do not trifle with me. If you do, you will find that I am also the most powerful and relentless creature you will know,
and you will be sure of that when I taste your heart's blood and watch the light fade from your eyes until your dying breath.
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Post Re: Attached To The Ongoing Threat Matrix ((Jan 2017)) 
Zack tacks a notice on the board, "All Sept members are encouraged to utilize their influences to ferret out information that Lucian can use to aid in this endeavor.  Tap your sources if you must for the next few weeks; but let's pool together some information."

Zack also requests that the Warder remind members as they arrive on Sept in the next few days, just to make sure it happens.

Sacrificed for the Truth
Homid | Shadow Lord | Philodox
Pure Breed x2

Alpha of the Sept of Slaked Thirsts
Master of Challenges
Beta Den Parent

Physical Description:
A medium sized man Zack dresses in a simple business casual manner, dress shirt, a light overcoat and slacks with servicable boots. Under his shoulders he keeps two pistols in holsters, with ammunition on his belt. Those astue enough will notice a hilt sticking out from the left side of his back, concealed very well by the normal coat he wears. He has also gained a fluid way of walking, such as that he is almost stalking at most times.
- People are stupid. They can be made to believe any lie because either they want to believe it's true or because they are afraid it's true.
- Life is the future, not the past.
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