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The Yurt's Description.
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Post The Yurt's Description. 
The Yurt itself is certainly on the large side on the outside. Modernization on the construction's principles are obvious in a number of places but the basic construction is still the large round yurt with three decent squared off outcroppings. The flap to enter and exit is on what would be the side that lacks an extension if the yurt was squared. The center of the roof has a stovepipe chimney sticking out that often has at least trace amounts of smoke and a scent that is too clean to be coal or charcoal. Often there are also the scents of warmed metals or even foods wafting up from the chimney or out when the tent is open. The structure is a pale tan hide color with numerous fine markings all over the outside framing of the yurt in a dark red color.

Inside the yurt is clearly a bit larger than it seemed from the outside and it seems to maintain it's own climate to whatever happens to be best to those within it in an order of hierarchy based on what might be best guessed as importance in Lucian's eyes. ((Not actually what it measures by, but I do not fathom anyone will figure it out without either already knowing or investigating enough to be able to remember once they figure it out.))

Against the wall to either the side of the flap are coat racks after which are armorer and tailor dummies of various sizes for each gender.

With the opening towards the flap there is a forge in the middle of the yurt that almost always has at least a small flame lit on a few coals. The smoke almost perfectly rises up and out through the forge's chimney. The front face has a multiple hinged lid that could be used to close the assembly with a variable amount of space left open. Slightly down and to a side there is a traditional bellow with a simple single pedal attachment. Near the forge is a few anvils of various sizes and two convenient racks with tools near a couple of chests.

Past the forge to the right and behind it seems to be a living area arrangement of couches that fold into beds and a hammock in the far back near a wardrobe. Each couch has its own raisable table with built in storage and a few flat topped chests are scattered about.

The last extension contains a very adjustable work table much like a drafting table or artists desk. The chair sitting in front of it is another wooden piece of furniture that seems adjustable much like the couches do. The table and chair seem a bit more aged than the other objects within the yurt.

While the yurt itself has a very warm and comforting kind of homey feel it does seem to lack the degree of quality and a number of conveniences one might expect of Lucian to have in a home. It has a lot of things he might need on hand but has more the feel of a place he frequents than a place he lives in or considers home.

Lucian often encourages the use of the yurt as a commons or convenience area when he is not present.
That said he has not as of yet installed a sign to tell people if he is away and can often be found there when people are looking to find him.

A man who appears to have very strong traits of pure breed of the Shadow Lords, if someone like the tribal Incarna got his colors wrong. (Pure Breed 5)

A beyond human good looking man with iridescent draconic eyes that seem to shift from gold through red and blue into silver depending on the lighting. He has unusually sharp teeth. His long and well cared for silken hair holds the same coloring of his eyes.

Remarkably graceful and well balanced, clearly supernaturally so.
Most often well dressed in the highest craftsmanship of fine clothes and usually unarmed.
If one were to see him shirtless they might find vestigial scales not suited to defend anything of the same iridescent colors but starting in silver.
His only obvious "scars" are twelve light though distinct markings:
1.) A not quite human shaped bite mark that left behind marks with pronounced canines on his left Levator Scapulae.
2.) A glyph-like marking, as if made by almost human nails on his left side on the majority of his rib-cage as if resting on his hip.
3.) What might very well be a Bindrune on his right inner forearm. 4.) Above that mark their seems to be a Lønnrun in a thin, blood-colored line where it encircles his arm. 5.) Which is in turn below another Lønnrun of the standard skin scarring color. 6.) That is of course followed with one more above it Lønnrun.
7.) With another Bindrune on his left. 8.) Above which is another Lønnrun of a similar styling. 9.) Similarly followed by a Lønnrun. 10.) With another Lønnrun completing the set.

11.) A Valknut on the front of his left thigh.
12.) A vine pattern on the back of his right thigh.

There is a something about him that has a raw primal appeal to women.
((Appearance 5, +Animal Magnetism, +Sexy, +Seductive, -Surreal Quality))
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