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The Sept of Slaked Thirsts - The Island In General
This section is for miscellaneous scenes that do not take place in areas described elsewhere below. Located on what is known as Davis Island in real life, the Sept of Slaked Thirsts is a low-powered caern Just a few miles northwest of Pittsburgh, downstream in the Ohio River, on what the local garou call Mother's Island. Access to the island is by rowboat or swimming, or by umbral travel. Roughly diamond-shaped, the caern is half a mile long, and a quarter mile wide at it's widest point. Known for it's healing powers, it is shrouded from mortal eyes by ever-present fog on that part of the river, and shielded from explorers by both it's official government status as a pump station for drinking water (thanks to the intervention of clever Glass Walkers in years past) as well as it's rumors of being haunted (thanks to the presence of garou and their powers, such as the residual effects of the Enchant the Forest ritual). In the umbra it is under the affect of the Rite of the Shrouded Glen. NO MODERN TECHNOLOGY WORKS HERE (i.e, computers, gps devices, cell phones, modern electronics in general. Simple mechanical devices work acceptably well.)  
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A Spirit For Lucian
Thu 29 Jun, 2017 07:00
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The Docks and the Shoreline
The shoreline by McKees Rocks Bottom is where the row-boat and umbral bridge to the Davis Island Caern leaunch from. The row-boat stops at the docks and the only safe route from shore via the umbra leads here as well, spitting you out, sometimes abruptly onto the not-always-stable dock. The dock is hand-built, a floating raft anchored by ropes to the shore. In the umbra, the bridge cannot be found by those who haven't been shown the way. Once you cross the water, stop here at the docks to make your howl of introduction (muted to only be heard on the island with the aid of the fog and the spirits therein).  
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You Doin' Okay Buddy? (Atticus)
Tue 30 May, 2017 20:39
Sydney SloaneView latest post
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The Meeting Circle
Not far from the docks, but shrouded by trees, is a wide circle of grass, a natural clearing in the trees. In the center of teh circle is a stone-lined pit, with a sacred fire kept burning. There are three rings surrounding it. The first is a wide strech of well-packed bare earth, scuffed with foot and claw marks made by Garou in all forms in ecstatic dance. In three concentric circles, logs for sitting line the center ring of the clearing. Around the outside ring, between the seating logs and the surrounding trees are primitive picnic tables interspersed with wide stretches of grass. The area is almost always electric with a feel of anticipation of revelry.  
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Wednesday 21 December 2016 (Tag all, yes all of you damn it!)
Thu 12 Jan, 2017 10:57
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The Challenge Arena
A short run from the Meeting Circle, the Challenge Arena is a hallow one hundred paces wide by two hundred across. The ground slopes very gently towards the center of the oval depression, and the ground there is dirt and rock, torn up from many decades of long use. No grass grows in the reddish-brown, blood-colored soil and the air here always smells oh-so-faintly of pennies. Surrounding the depression is a wide ring of grass, though worn thin in some of the places that are better vantage points from many long years of Garou surrounding the pit to see the challenges contained within.  
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Bound To Happen Sooner Or Later (Brennus, Zack, Openish)
Wed 18 May, 2016 21:00
Zack WeberView latest post
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The Ritual Circle
To the eastern end of the island, a wide circle of shrines to the spirits of the tribes and the elements surrounds a clearing with a small pyre burning in the south, a bubbling fountain in the shape of Pegasus rampant standing sentinel in the west, a great silver Klaive, no spirit bound within it arose buried to it's hilt in a stone in the north, and an ivy-clung arch strung with ribbons and hung with wind-chimes creating an entry way in the east. In the clearings center was ample room for most-any ritual that could be performed at a caern. The area felt very ripe for the working of magic, and most nearby stones and trees were long-ago etched with occult and archaic glyphs of wisdom and power.  
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Speaking With Chimera (Tag: Danu's Light, Zack If He'd Like)
Sat 18 Jun, 2016 23:59
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Training Grounds
A circle cleared of trees. Dirt-packed ground, targets and practice weapons abound here, as well as heavy-bags, saw-horses, and linnen strips for wrapping knuckles and broken ribs alike. To one side is a small container of healing herbs, awakened and ready for use - comfrey for bruises, witch-hazel for abrasions, and a bit of Willow-bark to ease pain of more grevious injuries.  
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Monday, not quite as usual training. [Tag all]
Tue 10 Jan, 2017 20:39
LucianView latest post
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The Speaking Wall
The walls have ears, and never has this been more true. The wall has been bound with the ancestor spirit of a well-respected tale-singer of years long past. Speak or howl a message here and not only will it be carried to all the sept, but it will be recorded in the glyph language. The Speaking Wall is how to put out notices that you want to make sure are seen or remembered by the whole Sept. Past messages can be viewed later, with the expenditure of a Gnosis trait. The spirit bound with the wall will recite any messages placed here to those who cannot otherwise understand them.  
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Let It Burn
Sun 19 Jun, 2016 11:54
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The Cabins
South of the message wall and west of the Ritual circle stand the cabins. Three small buildings with three small hand-cranked pumps of water and three cook fires stand around a small central garden plot in a clearing precisely big enough for that and no more. Laundry lines stand out back of each cabin, some with clothing draped on them, some stark and empty against the tree-line. Each cabin has a two small wood-burning stoves for heating, and each corner holds one desk, one chair, one sleeping pallet with a trunk at it's foot end, and night stand with a basin, a pitcher of water, and a small oil or kerosene lamp. Two of these double as quarters for honored guests and crash-space for whichever garou are on warder duty that day. The Alpha, Beta, Warder and Rite Master shared the north-most Cabin, which was well-lived in, but still as neat and minimalistic as the rest, with the exception of tiny personal touches. A bright pillow there, a dream catcher here, a peg with a totem amulet in that post, and some books or papers stacked neatly on each desk.  
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Corrupted Police Force [Tag: STs, Anyone That Wants In]
Fri 22 Apr, 2016 08:50
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The Well House
The caern's heart is a well of sweet water that naturally bubbles up and then sinks back down into the earth, joining the river through tiny underground tunnels. Built around this is a mound of white stones, in a great circle and rising nearly twenty feet into a dome. Here too rests the great Dragon Iasis, the totem spirit of this caern. Iasis is a water elemental who has taken on draconic form. Playful and serious by turns, Iasis is as quicksilver and ever-changing as the spring waters that it represents.  
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After trainings ((30th Jan 2017))
Fri 27 Jan, 2017 05:08
LucianView latest post
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